Sunday Oldies Jukebox
  Contest, Ticket, & Prize Rules, etc.  
  At the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, we're delighted to award prizes, tickets, and other give-aways. To help us equitably spread around the fun of winning, please observe the following rules. For Membership Drive contest rules, click here.  
  General Rules
  1. A Supporting Membership to the Sunday Oldies Jukebox is on a year-by-year basis. All previous memberships expire on the first day of a new membership enrollment period ("membership drive").
  2. The Sunday Oldies Jukebox reserves the right to withhold tickets, prizes, or other giveaways from individuals attempting to misrepresent themselves, win dishonestly, or circumvent rules, willfully or otherwise, as determined by the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
  3. Sunday Oldies Jukebox staff and members of their immediate families are ineligible to win Sunday Oldies Jukebox tickets, prizes, and related give-aways.
  4. The Sunday Oldies Jukebox reserves the sole right to interpret and modify these rules governing the awarding of tickets, prizes, and other types of give-aways at any time, without notice or obligation to prior winners.
  5. Decisions of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox are final.

Sticker Spotting Prizes
  1. To be eligible for a Sticker Stop prize, you must arrive at a Sticker Stop in a vehicle having an official Sunday Oldies Jukebox Static Sticker clearly visible in a windshield or side window.
  2. The sticker must have been affixed to the vehicle on a date and time prior to when you arrive at a sticker stop to claim a prize.
  3. All issues related to the safety and legality of displaying a Static Sticker, including whether to display a Static Sticker, and its location, are solely the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.
  4. One prize can be claimed per vehicle, per season. A "season" extends from the spring to the fall of a calendar year.
  5. Specific dates of season start, season end, and Sticker Stop dates, times, and locations, are at the discretion of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
  On-Air Ticket Give-Aways
  1. To be eligible to win tickets from the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, you must be a current Supporting Member of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, and your membership level must qualify you to win the tickets being offered.
  2. The Sunday Oldies Jukebox reserves the right to modify eligibility requirements on a contest-by-contest basis, at any time during a contest, including the exclusion of previous winners from eligibility, and the waiving of membership requirements.
  3. Any additional fees associated with using the tickets or prize, including, but not limited to, transportation, parking, purchases, taxes, or legal fees, or any other type of financial or material requirement or loss, are the responsibility of the winner. Tickets awarded by the Sunday Oldies Jukebox have no refund value.
  4. The Sunday Oldies Jukebox is not responsible for mail losses or delays, show delays, postponements, cancellations, lack of seating or standing room, absence of accessibility to handicapped persons, "Acts of God," or other conditions or occurrences beyond the control of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
  5. An individual/household may win only once for a particular contest, even though said contest may extend over multiple weeks, or multiple Supporting Members reside at the same address.
  6. The ticket winner agrees to present, IN PERSON, a drivers license or other equivalent picture ID where an ID is required to claim tickets. ID requirements are determined by the agency or venue from whom tickets are claimed. 
  7. The Sunday Oldies Jukebox is not responsible for situations where the actual ticket winner sends someone else to "use the tickets," and said persons are turned away by the venue.
Our Thanks... the following venues for tickets awarded to Jukebox Supporting Members:

African Safari Wildlife Park



Cain Park

Goodtime Lake Erie Cruises

Goodtime III

Akron Home & Flower Show

Kent Stage

Lions Lincoln Theater

Nader-Mara Entertainment

Menches Bros.

Nader-Mara Entertainment

Playhouse Square, Cleveland

Praia Entertainment


Stambaugh Auditorium

The Tangiers


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