Stream Player Version 2 Help

Stream Player Version 3 enables you to listen to WSTB streaming audio more easily and consistently across a wider range of desktop PCs, mobile devices, and browsers. Stream Player V.3 combines the audio player function and track log in one screen, and can operate without Adobe Flash. Version 3 also adds album artwork/artist photos to the page.

The "mini Player" has also been revised. Album/artist graphics have been added, and the ability to view upcoming and previous plays has been removed. If you want to see this information, refer to the main Streaming Audio page.

PC - Provides a full Streaming Audio page and a Mini Stream Player pop-up window for Windows PCs.

MOBLE - Provides a redesigned stream player offering improved compatibility with mobile operating systems and browsers.

The stream player's user interface appears and operates similarly on PCs and mobile devices.

Player Controls

What do I need? PC - Compatible with most current browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (on Apple devices). Stream Player V.3 is not compatible with Safari on Windows PCs.

- Compatible with Android 4 and later devices (native browser and Google Chrome), and with Apple IOS devices.
Controls Play PLAY - Combined PLAY/PAUSE button starts streaming audio.

Note: When you open the Streaming Audio page on a PC, Play mode is engaged automatically. Sound should begin a few seconds after buffering.  On a mobile device, you may need to manually click the PLAY button.
  Pause PAUSE - To pause the sound, click or tap the PAUSE control. The PAUSE control replaces PLAY when the stream is playing.
  Volume VOLUME - When you start the stream playing, the volume is set automatically at 100%.

PC - To change the volume level, click and drag the circle on the Volume bar, or click along the red line.

The VOLUME control may be absent or inoperative on mobile devices. Even if visible, it is usually easier to control volume with the mobile device's volume buttons.
  Show/Hide SHOW/HIDE "COMING UP" LIST - (main Streaming Audio page, only) - Click to display or hide the list of the next tracks to be played. If a "Load error" message appears, you can try any or all of the following. If none of these steps work, there may be a problem at our end, and we're probably aware and working on it.

  • Wait to see if the message clears automatically within a few minutes.
  • Reload the page in the browser window.  
  • Close and reopen the browser, then reload the page.  
  • Clear the browser's temporary files and cookies, then refresh the browser or reload the page.
  Help PC - (located in the Streaming Audio page margin) - Click for Stream Help. This icon is not available on the mobile site.

MOBILE - Tap Music in the menu, and then Stream Help.
How do I make it work? PC - If you are on a Sunday Oldies Jukebox web page other than the Streaming Audio page, hover the cursor over the Listen to the Music button and select Streaming Page - The Works or Mini Stream Player. On a PC, Play mode is engaged automatically. Sound should begin in 5-10 seconds after buffering. 

MOBILE - Tap Music in the menu, and then Streaming Audio. On a mobile device, you may need to manually click the PLAY button.

The stream will start playing automatically after buffering audio for a few seconds. Buffering will reduce the possibility of audio droputs caused by heavy internet traffic.

NOTE: It is possible to play the main Streaming Audio player and the mini Player at the same time. Usually, this results in echos and other forms of delay distortion. If you are listening to one stream using one method and want to switch to the other, click the PAUSE button on the current player before opening the other player.

ALTERNATE - In the unlikely event none of the above streaming options work on your PC or device, you might be able to listen by opening the folowing URL using a browser or media player:

What information does the stream window show? PC and MOBILE Streaming Page - When the song is from our library, the stream window displays:

  • The artist and track name of the currently playing selection, plus the PLAY/PAUSE and VOLUME controls.

  • The Coming Up list displays the estimated times, artists, and titles of the next few selections. Click or tap the Show/Hide icon to show or hide the list. Times are approximate. Selections played from CDs will not appear in the list.

  • The Played Recently list displays the last 8-10 track titles, artists, and where available, the album titles. Earlier titles will scroll off the bottom of the list.
PC and MOBILE Streaming Page - The Mini Stream Player is the same as on the main Streaming Audio page. The currently playing song and artist are displayed; however, no upcoming or previous track lists are displayed. To see this info, view the main Streaming Audio page.

Occasionally, we play songs from an external device (CDs, laptop computer, etc.). These titles don't appear in the track listing.
What's with the difference between the Streaming Audio page and Mini Stream Player? Essentially, they are the same in design and operation, with the exception of upcoming and previous track data being missing from the mini Stream Player.
I tried listening during the week and heard music other than the Oldies. Did you guys change your format? Don't be alarmed, and no, we're still the Sunday Oldies Jukebox. Streaming audio resources are shared resource with "The Alternation." The SOJ webcast of Oldies is from 3AM Sunday morning until 4AM Monday morning. The rest of the week, it's Alternative Rock. Listen at your own risk :-)  ON THE POSITIVE SIDE: Having two streams on two different sites provides some level of back-up in case one or the other site conks out. Bookmark for emergencies.
I have high-speed internet and see that the audio rate is only 64kbps. What's the problem? There's no problem. The audio is encoded at our end at 64kbps. It represents an optimum trade-off between good audio quality and helping eliminate dropouts on slower connections.

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