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Garrettsville “Fire Rock Relief” Benefit Concert
Hear some of the best classic rock cover bands Saturday, April 26th from 12 to 9pm at the G-Plex in Garrettsville. This concert event will help rebuild historic Main Street in downtown Garrettsville and assist the local businesses destroyed by the March 22nd fire, including the Nelson-Garrettsville Community Cupboard, which assists area families in need. All proceeds of the “Fire Rock Relief” Benefit Concert will go directly to the affected business owners.

The G-Plex is located at 10340 Industrial Street, Garrettsville. Get there with Google

Membership Drive 2014 will soon be here
Hey gang, we're fast approaching June and our annual me Membership Drive. As
you know, your support covers tower rental, maintenance, repair, and other expenses. The staff is, of course, all-volunteer (yeah, we love the music, too).

Be watching this space as we prepare to roll out our Early-Bird membership sign-up page shortly. You can pickup extra weeks of membership and sit back during the usual June frenzy. As always, thanks for your support.

Listen to the Oldies on Your Mobile Device Listen on Mobile Devices

Sundays, you can listen to the Sunday Oldies Jukebox on your mobile device by going to the following links. Links are also provided for downloading mobile apps to your Apple, Android, WIndows phone, etc.

Tunein Radio:




Stream: http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi?searchdesc=wstb

Apps: www.live365.com/web/components/content/downloads/mobile.live

If you have problems listening to the Jukebox on your PC or Mac using the Listen Online button, try this link to listen to the Live365 webcast directly in your media player:


Be sure to allow some time for the stream to buffer before it starts playing. By the way, Oldies Hours are Sunday 3am - Monday 4am. The rest of the week, these links bring you The Alternation.

Better Reception DIY Corner

We've had callers ask about how they can improve their reception of the Jukebox in fringe areas. If you can't take advantage of streaming audio, try this: First, check our coverage map to see if you are within, or at least near, the fringe ring. Then check these articles that provide tips and project ideas for those not afraid to haul out the tools or part with a few $$$.

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