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A Virtual Membership Drive for a Virtual WorldMembership Drive 2020Our planned Membership Drive is still on for August 2nd and 9th. But, to accommodate supporting members whose budgets work best with a late spring or early summer Membership Drive, our "Virtual Membership Drive." continues. Sounds complicated, but it's really pretty easy.

The Support page is ready now for donations online by credit card, or by mail-in check. Membership levels remain at Basic ($50) and Premium ($75).

During the Virtual Membership Drive, the call center WILL NOT be in operation. Premiums and other membership goodies will be mailed out to early members during the full Membership Drive.

Sticker Spotting is on Hiatus
FM 8.9No, Hiatus isn't the 89th moon discovered orbiting Saturn, or the location of Gary the Prize Guy's next Sticker Stop. For obvious reasons, Sticker Spotting has been placed on hold for the Summer of 2020. We'll let you know if and when it can be resumed.  

Request & Dedication Show News Due to the need for social distancing, answering the call-in line and jotting down requests are now being handled by just one person. If your calls rolls over into the answering system, please hang up and try again a bit later. Please DO NOT leave your request in phone mail -- message aren't checked during the request show. Consider e-mailing your request earlier in the day to

Video of the WeekA rare, live perfromance by Mickey & Silvia of "Love Is Strange" on the Steve Allen Show April 21, 1957. The show aired Sunday nights on NBC at 8:00 PM. The video appears converted from a "kinescope," a technique popular in the 1950's for recording a TV program on motion picture film with a camera focused on a video monitor. Indexing and time information in the video indicate the video was for internal studio use.

Mickey & Sylvia were an American R&B duo composed of Mickey Baker and Sylvia Vanterpool (later becomings Sylvia Robinson). They are best known for their number-one R&B single "Love Is Strange" in 1957.

The duo first recorded as "Mickey & Sylvia" in 1955 on Rainbow Records, later signing with Groove Records, and eventually forming their own label, Willow Records. They disbanded in 1958, but reunited in 1960 and continued to record together until 1965, when Mickey moved to France.

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