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Uncle Bill RememberedUncle BillPeople tend to lump the passing of time into decades: Roaring Twenties or Rock 'n' Roll from the 50's, 60 and 70's, etc. Thursday, November 5th, marked the 10th anniversary of the passing of Bill Weissinger. For those of us who knew Uncle Bill, it's another of life's speed bumps that prompts one to step back and ask, "Really?...Has it been that long?" You wouldn't suspect it based on any dramatic shift in the operation of the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.

The SOJ was was born November 30, 1997, defying the conventional wisdom regarding radio and what appeals to listeners. As program director, Uncle Bill chose a 50 year-old pop music format long considered passe by the broadcast industry. He often favored more obscure artists and tunes as opposed to top hits, all played from a huge library that avoided the repetition common to commercial stations. "UB" maintained the station on a shoestring budget using refurbished equipment discarded by other stations. He pulled the volunteer staff from many walks of life, not just those with broadcast experience. DJs were provided ample room to grow into the job, but the "Voice of God" would crack the silence in the studio via two-way radio should you start going off the rails. Despite having six days to forget FM 88.9 amid the hum-drum of commercial radio fare, listeners returned every Sunday. Never satisfied with the status quo, Uncle Bill often quipped "Most of our listeners don't know we exist," and it was common to find him targeting potential listeners with SOJ window stickers or 'fridge magnets wherever crowds went.

There is wisdom in the cliche phrases that come to mind at times like this. It is said the tragedy in life is not to live and die, but to pass obscure and unremembered. It's said they'll know you by your works. It is said you're never really gone so long as you are remembered by someone.  Every Sunday, we -- those who knew him personally and those who know him through his legacy -- remember Uncle Bill. He, and what he created, live on.

Toys for Tots Update
TFTWe've had inquiries concerning a Sunday Oldies Jukebox Toys for Tots collection this year.

In light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, a concern for the safety of all concerned, and a lack of any workable alternative, we're sorry to report we will not be able to hold a Toys for Tots collection this year.

This Day in Music This Day in MusicFor a trip down Memory Lane, check the This Day in Music site, which lists some of the milestones and trivia of American Music and Rock 'n' Roll. You can also search for other dates or specific album titles.

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